High Caliber Stables

The editors/publishers of Triad Happy Tails Magazine asked if I’d do a photo shoot at High Caliber Stables.  Well, of course!!  Just because I place an ad for my business, “All Things Dogs”, doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun on the farm with horses and their riders!

Thanks to Deb, Jennifer, Mickey, Madeline and Strati, Leah and Talon, another young lady and her horse (in the ring), that big ol’ bulldog, Mona, her pal Sophie (keeping watch at the stalls), and those equine marvels outside in the pastures who hammed it up for the photographer!  It was a fabulous day!

A photo of Leah and Talon, which is a “teaser” ad for High Caliber this month, can be found on page 47 in the magazine!!  Happy Tails will run a larger spread about stables in an upcoming issue, which will contain more photos by LMP!!  Yippee!  (While you’re at it, check out the ad for “All Things Dogs” on page 9 – I know this sitter; she’ll take great care of your best friends!!)

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  1. Thanks, Steve; it means an awful lot coming from you!!

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