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in this hot summer heat, THINK SNOW!


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A Blend of Blue and Green

Gorgeous blue irises grow right on the water’s edge while the blue sky and green forest reflect on this pond at Hagan Stone Park.

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Downtown Character

Downtown Greensboro shot from various locations during early morning and late afternoon hours.  Standing out among all three images is the 233 ft Jefferson Pilot Building built in 1923.

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This week, ABC’s and a free choice!

Having just completed our ABC project… This Digital Imaging assignment has us chasing down 2 unique alphabets – one found in objects and shapes that occur in the natural environment; the other found in signage such as posters, billboards, signs, … Continue reading

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Parisian Promenade

While I frequently take walks through Greensboro’s Bicentennial Park , this was the first time I attended this annual event and after doing so, I don’t know why it took so long.  Amazingly colorful, lively and fun; musicians, artists, vendors … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be tall to play ball

While shooting for our first “action sport” class lab at the Lindley Park basketball court in Greensboro, I kept returning to this guy.  Even though I wasn’t able to capture the ball leaving his hands, you gotta just love him. … Continue reading

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The Shape of Roads

Our assignment this week was to capture the shape of roads, but the caveat was that it must include a person.  This was shot in downtown Greensboro, NC over Memorial Day weekend, and I learned that folks really do flee … Continue reading

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