All Things Dogs

Bentley – dalmation/bully/lab mix – a very handsome fella.

HappyTailsDog-8371_900 HappyTailsDog-8378_900


Annie, a Cockapoo, collapses on the couch after a stroll in the hot heat.

Annie-3886_900 Annie-3887_900

The “Pool Boys”, Mylo, Buster and Macy – Jack Russell Terriers

talcott-3843_900 talcott-3814_900 Talcott-3796_900 Talcott-3808_900 Talcott-3787_900


Sal and Dot with their summer do’s!  Whiling away the time chewing on sticks!

DottieSally-3662_900 DottieSally-3623_900 DottieSally-3626_900

Once again, Chance.



Lucy, a schipperke, and a new client!!  She’s a sweetie!

Lucy-3568_900 Lucy-3574_900 Lucy-3562_900 Lucy-3570_900


Golden Girls, Dottie Marie, the young red-head; and blondie Sally Mae.  Sisters at heart!

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Here are love bugs, Mia, the Mastiff and Roscoe, the English bulldog.

MiaRoscoe-3087_900 MiaRoscoe-3175_900 MiaRoscoe-3176_900 MiaRoscoe-3116_900 MiaRoscoe-3101_900 MiaRoscoe-3174_900 MiaRoscoe-3165_900 MiaRoscoe-3177_900 MiaRoscoe-3119_900 MiaRoscoe-3108_900


Meet Chance, an Australian Shepherd who relentlessly loves to play ball in her back yard as well as go for a hike and a swim at nearby the Lake Brandt watershed trails.

Chance-3078_900 ChanceHike-3198_900 Chance-3081_900 ChanceHike-3200_900 Chance-3079_900 ChanceHike-3196_900


A day of grooming at the Pets U Love, located on Chapman Street.  Owner Trilby Thrall allowed me to come in and grab a few photos of some of her regular clients – some are day-boarders, others in for a cut and perm – not to mention other canines and felines who help run of the shop!!


Grace, the beagle – a permanent resident who minds the busy shop.


Finn, an orange and white domestic shorthair, is also a permanent resident. She’s a big baby who doesn’t hesitate to literally grab for attention.


Another wee one standing patiently on the grooming table!


Another Grace, a lab mix who boards during the day; while she also has free reign of the shop, I found her nestled on her bed.


This small lady had just gotten her hair washed and trimmed; here she is getting all fluffed up by a doggie blow dryer.


Grayland, a domestic longhair; she’s a looker!



Buddy-7516_900 Buddy-7518_900 Buddy-7523_900

A thoroughly joyful time caring for and playing with a couple of adorable Yorkies, Moses and Noah; one thrilled with playing fetch 24/7 (truly!), the other more reserved and calm (but not always).  Having had mostly large dogs in our family throughout the years, it was great to snuggle on the couch with these much-lighter “lappies”.

yorkies-2650_900 yorkies-2652_900 yorkies-2787_900 yorkies-2795_900 yorkies-2665_900 yorkies-2660_900 yorkies-2779_900 yorkies-2749_900 yorkies-2641_900 yorkies-2679_900


Andre and Moby enjoy the holiday together.

Thxg-2994_900 Thxg-2902_900 Thxg-2381_900 Thxg-2355_900 Thxg-2539_900 Thxg-2384_900


A foxhound youngster.

The Samoyed (below), or Siberian Reindeer Herd Dog, is one of the purest and most beautiful of the 30 different types of Arctic dogs – height at shoulders is 21-22 inches, weight 45-55 lbs.  It was/is the domestic dog of the Samoyedic peoples of Russia and is used for herding reindeer, hunting polar bear and guarding the “chooms” (portable tent-like homes).  One famous Samoyed, Etah, was the Norwegian Roald Amundsen’s lead dog on his December 14th, 1911 arrival at the South Pole.

barkpark-2604_900 barkpark-2606_900 barkpark-2608_900 barkpark-2629_900

Below, a trio of Bouvier des Flandres are getting some outdoor exercise.  These large-breed dogs have historically been trained for farm work and herding and need room plenty of room to roam.  Apartment dwelling is not recommended, but bouviers are gentle, loyal and considered good protectors.

barkpark-2523_900 barkpark-2562_900 barkpark-2552_900 barkpark-2560_900 barkpark-2559_900 barkpark-2550_900

12/05/13 – More new faces at the park!


Gimme your paw!


A shy, lovable sweetheart.


Decision, decisions… What to do, where to go, who to play with next?!?


Scoping things out.


Oooh! Puppy goldie! This one was always nuzzling at our feet for a belly scratch!


Great bowser, and at the park a lot – will have to get formally introduced next time.

11/24/13 – Welcome to the temporary location of ALL THINGS DOGS!  From the Country Park Bark Park, dogs at play, at rest, being mischievous, racing like the wind, fetching, playing ball.  It most certainly is a dog’s life!


Puppy smile!




Lens lick!


Who’s on first?


Don’t let the size fool you; this one can motor!!


What’s black and white and red all over? This dog and his toy!


Another pup looking for the next romp!


A great, great friendship (the greyhound is a rescue dog).


Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z’s amid the ruckus…


Waiting on a throw of the tennis ball…


Quite a fetch!


A rapid-fire turnaround forces the tongue to the opposite direction!


Someone play with me!


I call him Blue Eye; we played catch for quite some time – a very happy dog!


Reminds me of Sox, a dog I know and love! Love the purple jacket!


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  1. Happiness! It’s quite obvious that they know how to enjoy life!

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