Announcing New Site, New Blog!

Hello followers, subscribers and any recent newcomers to Laurie Merritt Photography!

The header above has always been, “where do you want to go today…”  I’ve been posting at for the past 5 years, and it ultimately came time to ask myself that very same question, “where do I want to go today…“.  Stepping it up a notch to create my own photography site using allows me to expand my work, edit and maintain the site and we’ll just see where it goes!

With the help of an expert and very patient web developer, we’ve been working on the overall set-up, testing and fine-tuning.  While at times it’s been an arduous task to say the least, I realized I had to stop posting on this site in order to get the new one up and running.  Unfortunately, while on this hiatus, it also took me away from viewing and reading your posts over the last few months.  I will catch up with all of you soon!

Many of you have been followers for a long time.  It is my hope you will continue to do so. And, your pointing me to others’ great sites as well as encouraging others to view mine would be sincerely and deeply appreciated.

New web site:

New blog: – At the top right sidebar, simply provide your email address and click “subscribe”.  (This former WP site will remain active as well.  Below “subscribe” on the new site, “Prior to 2015” provides a link to my previous posts.)

I look forward to seeing you there and welcoming new visitors!!  Many thanks!


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Valentine’s Day Cover

What do Christmas and Valentine’s Day have in common?  The color RED.  Back in November, I wrapped up the cover and related-story photo shoots for both the December and February issues of Triad Happy Tails magazine.  At that time, several owners entered the “Pet Cover Model” contest by sharing their pets’ “sad to glad” success stories. Ultimately, two winners were chosen by the magazine staff.  This month, you can find Stevie’s story on pages 8 and 12.

In addition to that story, I took the photos for the Camp Bow Wow story on page 44. Finally, to Greensboro area dog owners, check out my dog walking ad on page 37.




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Tlingit Pictographs and Glacial Striations

Getting close enough to the rock face to discern the few remaining faded pictographs that dot the rocks of the fjord’s shoreline – a last trace of earlier Tlingit Indian tribes’ existence –  etched and painted into the stone along the shores of the Behm Canal in Misty Fjords.

The area has a long scattered history of human habitation.  Archaeologists have dated the area’s original inhabitants’ (the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian) remains as far back as 10,000 years ago!


Just above the water level, you can see the sun pictograph that was left by the Native American tribe of that area, the Tlingit.



Geology: any of a number of scratches or parallel grooves on the surface of a rock, resulting from the action of moving ice, as of a glacier.

Ketch-4675_900 Ketch-9316_900 Ketch-9312_900 Ketch-9325_900 Ketch-9306_900

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Steep, Colorful, Wet, Mossy, Granite Cliffs

Here are some exquisite examples of this granite, moss-covered and tree-lined cliff at Rudyerd Bay  near Ketchikan.  Most of the world’s fjords (i.e. Norway), which are glacier-formed narrow inlets with steep cliffs, are found in only a handful of countries and some of the most beautiful ones are in the Misty Fjords National Monument.

Ketch-4658_900 Ketch-4657_900 Ketch-4656_900 Ketch-4654_900 Ketch-4655_900

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“C’mon Big D. Fly!!”

Big world out there!  One cormorant stands out among its fellow sea birds.



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Bald Eagle

Another first along this journey – but not the last, not by a long shot!  Did you know the bald eagle is BOTH our national bird AND our national animal??  Furthermore, as kangaroos are to Australia, it is the only sea eagle indigenous to North America!  Lucky us!

FACTOID: Why is the eagle the national emblem of the United States?

Ketch-9345_900 Ketch-9343_900 Ketch-9341_900

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“The Yosemite of the North”

It’s a term often used for Misty Fjords – the words heart-stopping and jaw-dropping just aren’t enough to do justice to this area of natural beauty.  Misty Fjords National Monument covers 2 million acres (vs. Yosemite’s 761,000) of the Tongass National Forest, with trademarks that include steep granite cliffs that plunge over 3,000 feet to its valley floors.  This is why a one-photograph post won’t cover it!!

On a sunny day such as this, it’s deep blue waters meander through emerald green forests.  The area can only be accessed by air or sea.  Prior to 1980, the area was slated for mining for molybdenum (a valuable rare metal), but local fishermen and environmental protection organizations joined forces to hamper the mining activities for full protection of the area (Alaska National Interests Land Conservation Act signed into law by Jimmy Carter), a testament to the power of a few concerned citizens.


Ketch-4664_900 Ketch-4649_900 Ketch-4647_900 Ketch-9253_900 Ketch-4660_900 Ketch-9311_900 Ketch-9256_900 Ketch-9255_900 Ketch-9283_900 Ketch-9275_900 Ketch-9258_900 Ketch-9270_900 Ketch-9257_900 Ketch-9287_900 Ketch-9291_900 Ketch-4662_900 Ketch-9292_900 Ketch-9315_900 Ketch-4645_900 Ketch-9318_900 Ketch-4661_900 Ketch-4667_900 Ketch-4669_900


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Yay!  Finally!  First close-up sights of harbor seals in the Misty Fjords!  Harbor seals are 1 of 6 species of haired seals found in Alaskan waters, and typically use glacial fjords as a home base.  They can grow to 5 or 6 feet and can live 25-35 years.  Their hair is short and bristly and colors can vary from gray to dark brown to golden, usually with light spots on a dark background or vice versa.  Harbor seals can’t get their hind flippers underneath them, so when they get out of the water, they have to roll along (think of an animated caterpillar).  Unfortunately, when “hauling out”, they’re vulnerable to predation (bears come down to shorelines to steal pups, or orcas can snatch one up as they come/go to/from sea/land).  In fact, as we were headed upstream and before we saw these seals, we saw a pair of orcas (aka killer whales, and, too quick for the cameras) headed downstream toward the Inside Passage.  Hopefully, they hadn’t just filled their bellies!



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Our REAL Cruise Ship

Absolutely perfect!  Is she not a beauty?


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Sunset on the Behm

Behm Canal in the Misty Fjords in the Tongass National Forest


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