Hello followers, subscribers and any recent newcomers to Laurie Merritt Photography!


Back in February, I put out an announcement re: my new web site.  The header above had always been, “where do you want to go today…” I’ve been posting at for the past 5-1/5 years, and it ultimately came time to ask myself that very same question, “where do I want to go today…“. Stepping it up a notch to create my own photography site using allows me to expand my work, edit and maintain the site and we’ll just see where it goes!

I’ve missed hearing from some of you.  While I’m still learning how to maneuver in the often confusing and contradictory worlds of vs., I’ve found there are many differences!!  I thought I’d lost the ability to readily access to YOUR blogs; but I ultimately learned that in order to “find” all of you again, I’d have to return to the “Reader” in this former blog as “Reader” is NOT an item/icon on my site via!!  Rather disheartening!  I promise to do better and reach out more often.

Many of you have been followers/subscribers of my blog for a long time. It is my hope you will continue to do so.  And, your pointing me to others’ great sites as well as encouraging others to view mine would be sincerely and deeply appreciated.

New web site:

New blog: – At the top right sidebar, simply provide your email address and click “subscribe”. (This former WP site will remain active as well. Below “subscribe” on the new site, “Prior to 2015” provides a link to my previous posts.)

I look forward to seeing you there and welcoming new visitors!!  Many thanks!



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