“The Yosemite of the North”

It’s a term often used for Misty Fjords – the words heart-stopping and jaw-dropping just aren’t enough to do justice to this area of natural beauty.  Misty Fjords National Monument covers 2 million acres (vs. Yosemite’s 761,000) of the Tongass National Forest, with trademarks that include steep granite cliffs that plunge over 3,000 feet to its valley floors.  This is why a one-photograph post won’t cover it!!

On a sunny day such as this, it’s deep blue waters meander through emerald green forests.  The area can only be accessed by air or sea.  Prior to 1980, the area was slated for mining for molybdenum (a valuable rare metal), but local fishermen and environmental protection organizations joined forces to hamper the mining activities for full protection of the area (Alaska National Interests Land Conservation Act signed into law by Jimmy Carter), a testament to the power of a few concerned citizens.


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