Port Metro Vancouver

This freight harbor/cargo ship terminal may not be as elegant, clean and bright as that of it’s neighboring pier at Canada Place, but it’s sure got some color!!.  A close-up crop vs. a 9-image panoramic shot of the location where all the cargo ships load/unload their freight containers at the Ballantyne Pier.

There is SO MUCH MORE to this port than meets the eye.  The Port Metro Vancouver system is Canada’s largest port, a gateway for domestic and international trade and tourism, and a major economic force in the Canadian economy.

Port Metro Vancouver launched a series of television advertisements entitled “Port Stories” in 2013 and 2014 on stories about the goods they import every day, the power they produce for cruise ships, the jobs created in BC by port activities, and the natural resources exported through the harbor.

Vancouver-8903_900 VancouverPano-8876-87_2kTake a moment to enjoy this 1 of many “port stories”.  It is truly amazing how just this one location on this planet can move our goods and services.

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Let Your Alaska Cruise Adventure Begin Here!

An idea has been seeded for a large commercial poster – either for Vancouver, Canada Place or Princess Cruises!

VancAtSea-8965_900canvas VancAtSea-8971_900canvas

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Forget Ground Transportation!!

Choose another mode instead!  A floating gas station on Burrard Inlet no less!  In most of these images, that’s North Vancouver (north shore) in the background.

Vancouver-8845_900 Vancouver-8813_900

no landing wheels required

no landing wheels required

Vancouver-8855_900 Vancouver-8827_900 Vancouver-8817_900 Vancouver-8915_900 VancAtSea-8973_900

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Enjoying an Early Morning Sail

Ha!  and Ah!  Such a lovely place…

Further information re: the architects and  history of Canada Place, Vancouver.



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Pier Scenes, Canada Place, Vancouver BC

In and around Canada Place which juts out into the Vancouver Harbor and Burrard Inlet – this piece of real estate is home to Vancouver’s World Trade Center, cruise ship terminal, Pan Pacific Hotel, and the Convention/Exhibition Center.

Some long shadows…  early morning sunrise…  no people…  pure joy!!  And pure logic at that!!  Within 8 hours, 1200 people will be on the ship!  Agh-gh-h-h-h!!


Standing at the end of the cruise ship terminal. That’s the Island Princess cruise ship on the left! She’ll be all ours by the end of the day!!


Seeing red – just across the street from Canada Place.


Flora and night lamps are all along the cruise ship pier.


Sails (reminds me of Denver Airport – same architect, I believe).


Plenty of places to take a load off… just sit and watch all sorts of boats in the harbor.


Overlooking distant mountains and the cargo ships’ dock.


Couldn’t figure out what this large gadget was along side the cruise terminal; turns out it raises/lowers platforms of supplies onto different levels of the ships.


End of the Canada Place cruise ship terminal.


Looking back from the street out to the Vancouver harbor.

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Upon Closer Inspection

Happy miracle!  What began as part of an architectural series of photographs became a standalone wildlife image.  I didn’t realize what was before me until well after this day!  Original:


Cropped – gulls from far left to far right:


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Architectural Contrast, Vancouver BC

This one had to stand alone…


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Central Downtown Architecture, Vancouver BC

New city, new buildings, new scenes, new perspectives…  and sadly not a lot of time.  It is always so fabulous to visit a place I’ve never been before, so with only 24 hours before ship’s launch, I hit the ground running!!  Since part of my family live in Oregon, I had fallen in love with Portland, I haven’t seen Seattle yet (that will happen), but for now, I have to say Vancouver hits the top of the list – fresh, clean, crisp, friendly people everywhere – I’d have no problem becoming a dual citizen!!

Vancouver-8929_900 Vancouver-8927_900 VancAtSea-8958_900 VancAtSea-8933_900 VancAtSea-8955_900 VancAtSea-8953_900 VancAtSea-8950_900 Vancouver-8926_900

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Where’s the Piano Man When We Need Him?

While strolling around Vancouver’s Convention Center , this piano was outside a closed shopping area. It was early morning, but so what? There were no locks on the fall board covering the keys, so I presumed anyone else strolling along could have just hopped on the stool and played a tune.  Wish I had learned to play…

I delved further into this – what shop, who made it (or decorated it), etc., so I googled several terms and came up with this site by artist Paola Savasta.  Take a look at how it was made and this piano has a catchy name: “Well Plaid”!!  While you’re there, take a look at his other posts/works!


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Aerial Vancouver, BC Scene

Final flight approach into Vancouver, BC.



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