Boughs of Gold

Morning sun, morning walk, and winter storm debris still waiting to be picked up.

ElamAve-3046_900 ElamAve-3047_900

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Out at First

Close, but no cigar…


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Season Opener at the Ballpark

A magnificent opening season on April 3 – the boys of summer, the team’s 10-year anniversary, pre-game fun for the kids, $1 beer night for the other kids, between inning antics, Mayor Nancy Vaughan throwing the first pitch, Babe the “bat dog”, several broken bats, perfect weather, fireworks – the game drew 9,920, the largest opening-day crowd in the downtown ballpark’s history. Who cared that the Grasshoppers lost to the Crawdads?

GrasshoppersBW-5274 copy GrasshoppersBW-5215 copy GrasshoppersBW-5236 copy GrasshoppersBW-5243 copy GrasshoppersBW-5607 copy GrasshoppersBW-5271 copy GrasshoppersBW-5284 copy GrasshoppersBW-5294 copy GrasshoppersBW-5304 copy GrasshoppersBW-5619 copy GrasshoppersBW-5320 copy GrasshoppersBW-5324 copy GrasshoppersBW-5336 copy GrasshoppersBW-5417 copy GrasshoppersBW-5633 copy GrasshoppersBW-5425 copy GrasshoppersBW-5460 copy GrasshoppersBW-5472 copy GrasshoppersBW-5499 copy GrasshoppersBW-5651 copy GrasshoppersBW-5509 copy GrasshoppersBW-5512 copy GrasshoppersBW-5536 copy GrasshoppersBW-5658 copy


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A Cuppa Joe and a Paintbrush

Painting the falls.


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Someone left a flower…

I came upon this scene, just as you see it, while walking through Bicentennial Gardens, then wondered why this music was chosen for the sculpture, “Music Stand and Bench”, by Jim Gallucci. I’ll have to contact him for that answer, but if you listen to the sonata and sit on the bench, it will come to you.

The Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor “Quasi una fantasia”, Op. 27, No. 2 (aka the Moonlight Sonata), is a piano sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven, dedicated to Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, a 16-year-old aristocrat who was his student for a short time. It is one of his most popular compositions for the piano. He was about 30 years old when he wrote the sonata, having already made a name for himself in Vienna as pianist and composer.


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Yet Another Songbird!

Ready for a cool bath, the Song Sparrow is one of the most conspicuous of all sparrows. Males sing often, perching around eye level on exposed branches. They can also be seen along wetland edges, ducking into dense, low vegetation after short bursts of their distinctive, tail-pumping flight. This species often have a dark spot in the center of their streaked breast.

yard-5077_900 yard-5067-900


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Full of Grace

Once upon a time, there was a beagle. As she grew older, she got a little slower. One day, the beagle’s owner brought her to Pets-U-Love to get a nice, warm bath, have her toe nails clipped and become just a bit lovelier. The owner never came back.

This is Grace, a lovely, gentle, quiet lady; a delight! No need to worry! She was adopted, and is loved, adored and well-cared for by the owners. Often, she’ll be at the front door, greeting all who come through - and everyone is the better for it!


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Green-Eyed Lady

“After dark all cats are leopards” – Zuni proverb.

For more on cat lore.  Once there, I reviewed the many cat-related proverbs and the above was the only one located relating to “Pueblo of Zuni” Tribe in New Mexico.




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Handsome Fella

A bright red breast plate.


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Photo Retouch – in Memoriam

After years of community service and civic duty, a town lost one of their own.



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