Shades of Blue

And, it’s only day 2!!

Sunny day, clear blue skies all day, 70-degree weather, mountain peaks and ranges that grow and expand to even higher majestic walls of rock, snow and glaciers, sailboats in the channels, and decompressing with a kicked back view from the lounge chair in the “back yard”.

At sea/at sail for a full day and night as we’re gliding north through the Strait of Georgia toward Alaska’s Inside Passage.  So at peace, totally in awe of the grandeur, the scope, the breadth, the vastness of it all –

VancAtSea-4560_900 VancAtSea-9012_900 VancAtSea-9030_900 VancAtSea-9031_900 VancAtSea-9040_900 VancAtSea-9045_900 VancAtSea-9046_900 VancAtSea-9050_900 VancAtSea-4561_900 VancAtSea-4563_900



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