Where’s the Piano Man When We Need Him?

While strolling around Vancouver’s Convention Center , this piano was outside a closed shopping area. It was early morning, but so what? There were no locks on the fall board covering the keys, so I presumed anyone else strolling along could have just hopped on the stool and played a tune.  Wish I had learned to play…

I delved further into this – what shop, who made it (or decorated it), etc., so I googled several terms and came up with this site by artist Paola Savasta.  Take a look at how it was made and this piano has a catchy name: “Well Plaid”!!  While you’re there, take a look at his other posts/works!



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One Response to Where’s the Piano Man When We Need Him?

  1. paolasavasta says:

    Hi Laurie! I couldn’t find your contact anywhere else – I painted this piano and would love to use this shot in my portfolio – can you e-mail me? paola [dot] savasta [at] gmail [dot] com

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