Pictures at an Exhibition

A review of works on the walls so far…  Still a work in progress…   Line ’em up, rearrange a couple perhaps…  It’s not over yet!

(FYI, Studio 107, not far from the gallery in Martinsville, VA,  provides space for the creation and sale of artwork.  Betty’s “Fiber Art Musings” and other artists’ works come in many different media and styles.  Stop by if you’re in the area!)

Exhibit-6141_900 Exhibit-6133_900 Exhibit-6142_900 Exhibit-6150_900 Exhibit-6149_900 Exhibit-6154_900 Exhibit-6159_900 Exhibit-6152_900 Exhibit-6143_900 Exhibit-6171_900 Exhibit-6170_900



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