October Photo Shoot

No one can have this much pure, unadulterated fun!  A couple of weeks ago, I met with the publishers of Happy Tails and the staff at the Animal Foster and Rescue Program (ARF!!) to do a photo shoot for the magazine’s October issue.

It was so much fun hugging and playing with so many cats, kittens, dogs and pups, I could have stayed all afternoon, or even better, taken it one step further and brought them all home.  If only…

There are a lot of extremely sweet, warm and furry pets waiting for a permanent home, but in the meantime, they’re very well cared for in their hopefully-only-temporary home.  ARFP is located in the Quaker Village Shopping Center in Greensboro.

ARFPshoot3_6in-3435_900 ARFPshoot3_6in-3732_900 ARFPshoot3_6in-3307_900 ARFPshoot3_6in-3482_900 ARFPshoot3_6in-3567_900 ARFPshoot3_6in-3351_900 ARFPshoot3_6in-3637_900 ARFPshoot3_6in-3607_900 ARFPshoot3_6in-3430_900 ARFPshoot3_6in-3693_900


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One Response to October Photo Shoot

  1. tomsimard says:

    Beautiful shots. And such gorgeous colors.

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