Chance Encounter #7

A few weeks ago, we happened on the 4-5′ Black Rat Snake slithering on the trail.  Judging by the lengths of these 2 snake skins, perhaps one was that same snake – the other its mate?  These were seen on the Greenway Trail at Lake Brandt.  It appears each snake chose to “grab” a rail pole which fascilitated the slipping off of their skins; I only wish I had witnessed the actual event (yeah, I know – “ewwwww”!!!).

lakebrandt-3903_900 lakebrandt-3904crop_900 lakebrandt-3906_900 lakebrandt-3909_900


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One Response to Chance Encounter #7

  1. K C Eames says:

    All righty then. My morning dose of snake aversion therapy. ( : – {

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