Chance Encounter #1

I know many of you see deer A LOT.  I don’t.  The most I’ve seen in one place were in Oregon, Colorado or Utah, not a watershed lake just outside of town.

It’s NOT always a simple “walk in the park” when I take this particular client for her weekly hike.  I’ve already shared photos of Chance, the Australian Shepherd, but it is truly uncanny that our hikes to date have never been boring.  For instance, take this – my second day with her…

(mind you, she’s very well-trained and well-mannered on the trail, so she stops when I stop AND remains quiet; a perfect hiking companion who doesn’t ask me to hurry up and keep moving, doesn’t break the calm by speaking, just patiently waits).

ChanceHike-3180_900 ChanceHike-3189_900 ChanceHike-3186_900 ChanceHike-3185_900 ChanceHike-3188_900 ChanceHike-3187_900


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