Rural Pennsylvania through the Windshield

Having recently taken a road trip from NC to NJ, on the return trip, I decided to take a road less traveled and jump off I-78 just outside of Allentown, heading south on 222.  I really didn’t have time to stop (rental car to return by end of day – darn! And Gettysburg was on the menu too!).  Nevertheless, I was able to slow down and, with my little Canon G12 in front of the steering wheel, I grabbed these scenes along Pennsylvania’s Route 30, from Lancaster to Chambersburg.  Architecture, art, murals, farms, and YES!! – even rotaries are still around!

Then the rain.  After returning to I-81 and coming into Roanoke, a serious downpour hampered travel for another 2 hours.  Ugh!!  But what the heck?  An accident, stop and go, nothing to do but keep shooting….

(No joke – I rented a Nissan Altima, drove 10 hours/550 miles, ran errands and side trips for another day, and only then, filled up the tank for the first time!  Time to scrap the ’96 Impala and get a new car!  Well, maybe not just yet…)

roadtrip-3374_900 roadtrip-3379_900 roadtrip-3380_900 roadtrip-3381_900 roadtrip-3382-900 roadtrip-3383_900roadtrip-3384_900 roadtrip-3385_900 roadtrip-3386-900

First rotary – in hindsight, I should have circled several times!roadtrip-3387_900

roadtrip-3388_900 roadtrip-3389_900 roadtrip-3390_900 roadtrip-3392_900 roadtrip-3393_900 roadtrip-3394_900 roadtrip-3395_900 roadtrip-3396_900 roadtrip-3397_900 roadtrip-3398_900 roadtrip-3399_900


Second rotary!




When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads…

roadtrip-3421_900 roadtrip-3423_900 roadtrip-3424_900 roadtrip-3426_900 roadtrip-3427_900 roadtrip-3428_900 roadtrip-3438_900 roadtrip-3439_900 roadtrip-3443_900


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