Season Opener at the Ballpark

A magnificent opening season on April 3 – the boys of summer, the team’s 10-year anniversary, pre-game fun for the kids, $1 beer night for the other kids, between inning antics, Mayor Nancy Vaughan throwing the first pitch, Babe the “bat dog”, several broken bats, perfect weather, fireworks – the game drew 9,920, the largest opening-day crowd in the downtown ballpark’s history. Who cared that the Grasshoppers lost to the Crawdads?

GrasshoppersBW-5274 copy GrasshoppersBW-5215 copy GrasshoppersBW-5236 copy GrasshoppersBW-5243 copy GrasshoppersBW-5607 copy GrasshoppersBW-5271 copy GrasshoppersBW-5284 copy GrasshoppersBW-5294 copy GrasshoppersBW-5304 copy GrasshoppersBW-5619 copy GrasshoppersBW-5320 copy GrasshoppersBW-5324 copy GrasshoppersBW-5336 copy GrasshoppersBW-5417 copy GrasshoppersBW-5633 copy GrasshoppersBW-5425 copy GrasshoppersBW-5460 copy GrasshoppersBW-5472 copy GrasshoppersBW-5499 copy GrasshoppersBW-5651 copy GrasshoppersBW-5509 copy GrasshoppersBW-5512 copy GrasshoppersBW-5536 copy GrasshoppersBW-5658 copy



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