Building a Hilltop Village in Spain

The daughter of a friend of mine, while attending Salem Academy, took a trip to Spain a couple of years ago.  Upon her return, she had her 4×6 prints spread out on a table at their home.  At that time, I mentioned I’d love to take a stab at making a panoramic image for her and if she ever wanted to give me her negatives (or images on a CD), I’d stitch them together to create the panoramic look I thought she’d prefer (no taping 4×6’s together!).  In fact, I believe her prints remained spread out that way through her graduation last June and until she left for college last August!   My pal finally produced the CD, I located the string of images and got to work.

It was not only hugely gratifying to work on this project, but it also made me stretch some boundaries I’d never approached before, using tools I’d never considered before.  It’s funny, the stitching together was the easy part!  If I cropped the scene in order to keep the horizontal line plumb, I realized I’d need to whack too much of the scene just to line it up.  Instead, I took some creative liberties and fixed a road, built some homes and stores, planted some shrubs!

Photographer: Savannah Livengood; Creation of panoramic scene: that would be me!

Step 1 – grab original images from CD and stitch together


Step 2 – Remove spots and scratches, adjust exposure, colors, brighten up, tone…


Step 3 – finish construction of road, buildings and landscaping…


Like I said, way too much fun!!


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2 Responses to Building a Hilltop Village in Spain

  1. Lynne Ayers says:

    Stitching a number of photos together DOES have its challenges. Great job.

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