Shape and Form, Lines and Curves

Weatherspoon Art Museum.  “Landing III”, 1988-1989, Antony Gormley, British (b. 1950), cast iron and air, 20 x 82 1/2 x 23 1/2 in.  This iron sculpture is one of several from his series “double bodycase works”.

A 1989 article from the Christian Science Monitor describes Gormley’s sculpture, Landing III, as “two figures lying down, holding one another face to face. They are stretched out and look as if they had just landed. Their iron skin is scraped, but only slightly. The viewer can see that the landing was fairly smooth and wonders why.  How can two people land smoothly? The artist gives us the answer. In “Landing III,” the figures embrace and they are made of iron. Gormley seems to be saying that if we hold on strongly, not letting go, we will land safely.”



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