Dark Sculpture

Factoid: ‘DYBY’ is Polish for ‘pillory’ or ‘stocks’.  Today, the terms are often confused. With stocks, boards are placed around the legs and the wrists, whereas the pillory boards are placed around the arms and neck and fixed to a pole, and the victim stands.  The artist was 9 years old when war broke out between her native Poland and Nazi Germany… resulting in 40 more years of Soviet domination.

Weatherspoon Art Museum.  “DYBY”, 1993, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Polish (b. 1930). Burlap, resin and wood.

“The fiber I use in my works derives from plants and is similar to that from which we ourselves are composed…our heart is surrounded by the coronary plexus, the most vital of threads…handling fiber we handle mystery. When the biology of our body breaks down the skin has to be cut so as to give access to the inside. Later it has to be sewn on like fabric. Fabric is our covering and attire, made with our hands it is a record of our thought.”  –M. Abakanowicz
As written on the description plaque next to this sculpture (also read her statement re: sculpture):
Art does not solve problems but makes us aware of their existence. It opens our eyes to see and our brains to imagine. To have imagination and to be aware of it means to benefit from possessing an inner richness and endless flood of images. It means to see the world in its entirety, since the point of images is to show all that which escapes conceptualization. –M. Abakanowicz



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