Beauty Preen

What a sight to behold!  I hadn’t seen much of the owls this past summer due to the Bog Garden’s lush summer foliage, but decided to have another look last month.  Once again, the female barred owl took advantage of a warm November day to bask in all her glory while cleaning her feathers.  Not another person around… peace and quiet, just me watching her in her element.  Nirvana!

owl-2105_900 owl-2106_900 owl-2111_900 owl-2118_900 owl-2123_900 owl-2125_900 owl-2126_900 owl-2134_900 owl-2137_900 owl-2144_900 owl-2151_900 owl-2157_900 owl-2158_900 owl-2159_900 owl-2161_900 owl-2162_900 owl-2163_900 owl-2178_900_2 owl-2179_900


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One Response to Beauty Preen

  1. Helen says:

    Oh adorable! I never think about seeing owls in the daytime – I always think they’re just out at night! I’d love to see a wild one 🙂

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