David Bromberg Quintet – jam clips

Here are 4 clips from some instrumental jams performed by the David Bromberg Quintet at the High Point Theater in High Point, North Carolina, on November 2, 2013.



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3 Responses to David Bromberg Quintet – jam clips

  1. tomsimard says:

    Excellent. I’ll download whatever I can of the above and start listening. Thanks!
    I will. You, too.

  2. tomsimard says:

    Thanks for these clips. Really enjoyed them. I’m going to start seeing what I can find of his online. Any recommendations? In terms of albums, I think I’ve only heard his Demon in Disguise.

    • Hiya, Tom! Glad you enjoyed. Oh yes, do I have recommendations. Wanted Dead or Alive album; also try “Midnight on the Water”, “How Late’ll Ya Play ’til” (Will Not be Your Fool is an unbelievable ballad/rant; it’s long, but the end is worth every minute), and “You Should See the Rest of the Band”. I just happen to enjoy more favorites all the way through on these vs. others. You take good care, ok?

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