Body Parts in Motion

She continues to amaze, and I find myself on a constant watch over our autumn guest.

As the video from my G12 camera (previous post) captured the web building, I grabbed these still shots of Charlotte spinning and weaving those fine lines of her circle trap.  Finally, she climbed up to the eave and under the gutter to hunker down and call it quits for the day…

Glad I had a step ladder to jockey into some weird positions and thanks to the sun for participating this day!



spider-1067_900 spider-1071_900 spider-1077_900 spider-1078_900 spider-1084_900 spider-1086_900 spider-1087_900 spider-1091_900 spider-1093_900 spider-1097_900 spider-1106_900 spider-1107_900 spider-1113_900



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