Arachnophobia x 1000!!!

Right outside the back door under the light.  Jees!!  I’ve taken a LOT of photos of spiders over time, but must admit this one is by far the creepiest (or is it “most creepy”?).  Yet, I found myself drawn in even closer for a good shot, willing to risk being attacked and quickly spun into cocoon.  It almost looks like a painted shell of some sort with legs glued on as an afterthought…  Right now, I think I’m actually more afraid of this photo than I was while taking the pictures.  Weird, huh?

I do probably take too many photos of bugs, but oh, what a world, and researching is half the fun!  This is the marbled orbweaver spider (caution: home page is also frightening). My biology-spider-venom-studying med student nephew might be disappointed to know that this one “is not considered a medically important species”.  Bummer!

Sweet dreams, everyone!



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5 Responses to Arachnophobia x 1000!!!

  1. K C Eames says:

    Okay so you’re sick of me now but just had to share this quote from John McCarthy;
    “His ambition is to be a spider on the web.” I think you have made a dream come true………..

  2. K C Eames says:

    You are a marvelous spider photographer. I love the emotion you were able to pull from the sitter.

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