New York City Scapes

First, does anyone out there remember the 1964 New York World’s Fair?  For those who actually got there (we were among the lucky ones), take a trip down memory lane while listening to Louis Armstrong’s “It’s A Wonderful World”.  This iconic image, the stainless steel “Unisphere”, is all that remains today; the area around it is in decay.


The Unisphere is probably the last remaining icon from the 1964 World’s Fair

Rein me back to the present…  using my small Canon G12, these images of the skyline were shot from the plane during my layover at LaGuardia en route to New England this past July.


Hoboken NJ, Hudson River, New York harbor, the Battery, Wall Street, World Trade Tower, East River, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn


background: Hudson River, Hoboken NJ
foreground: the Battery, World Trade Tower, East River, Brooklyn Bridge (lower right)


background: Manhattan, United Nations Building, Citigroup Building (slanted roof)
foreground: Brooklyn, East River, Roosevelt Island, Queensboro Bridge;


Manhattan, Empire State Building, the new Penn Tower, Chrysler Building (far right),


Looking south at the Lower Manhattan skyline and some Bronx waterfront property during takeoff from LaGuardia airport


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2 Responses to New York City Scapes

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow! Well worth the layover!

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