The Circle Game

Brandi, Courtney and Tim,

I had my iPod set to random songs the other day and Matt Stutzman’s song came on.  It gets to me every now and then.  Almost boo-hooed, but instead, I let out one of those heavy sighs you get when something takes you back in time and makes you grin because it was way too much fun.  So you 3, grab a belly laugh with a fond memory!

For everyone else,

This post relates to a time lapse video we did for our Multimedia class awhile back.  If you have a couple of minutes, you really would enjoy this!!  There are a lot of funny things going on here, so watch carefully, otherwise you’ll miss them!

…rambling…  …sorry…  Cut back to the present – after listening to the song, I had forgotten about these shots taken during a mini air show at Farmington Dragway about 2 months ago.  In between racing sets, this barnstormer provided the crowd with some entertainment.

Hence this “circle game”.  (B, C and T – I even added puffs of smoke for you!!!).



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