More Snakes. #3

As long as the photo opportunities are there, I guess I’ll continue to research snakes. Mind you, I don’t want to be surprised by one, but if I see it first, that’s where the lens will be.  I believe this one is a corn snake, unless someone tells me different.  There was a pair gliding throughout the mud flats in the lake, and note that forked tongue in the 5th images!  Never saw one live before; pretty creepy!

boglife-5252_240r boglife-5231_180r boglife-5235_180r boglife-5229_180r boglife-5233_180r boglife-5263_180r


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4 Responses to More Snakes. #3

  1. Great photos, glad I’m seeing them through a screen though! Haha

  2. MOM says:

    snakes are even worse than spiders. Go back to sky and water etc.

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