Another snake. #2

… OK, I give up on this one.  The snake was slithering away along the banks of this small creek at the Bog Garden, so I really couldn’t tell, however I can assure you that I was on a bridge instead of slopping around in the water.

I was just as impressed with the reflected colors of the sky, trees, and leaves from above which lit up both the snake and water so nicely.


bog-4860_240r bog-4864_240r


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3 Responses to Another snake. #2

  1. Hard to tell. I have had snakes of that size and color in my yard.
    (Will have to look for the photo that I took a few years ago.)
    I laid down in the grass with a black rat snake so I could get a photo of its face…BUT…I did know what kind of snake it was. It is not poisonous, but it can bite (if annoyed). Lying next to the snake (about 4 foot long), it gave me a puzzled look that said….”Are you out of your mind?”
    Hahaha! Maybe. Shortly thereafter, it slithered off through the clover-filled grass. I don’t know if they like to swim in the water or not.

  2. Yeah, the colors caught me too, Lee. As I have researched further; am thinking I’ve been seeing corn snakes in the Bog… Still more to come soon. Take care, ok?

  3. can’t tell, could be friends with the first snake, LOL…

    Love the reflected colors.

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