A Snake. A Copperhead? #1

… or Northern Water Snake or Brown Water Snake or Cottonmouth (aka water moccasin)?  In April, when I shot these photos on this sunny walkway at the Lake Townsend Marina, I only saw a quiet 3-4′ snake chilling (so to speak) in the sun.  Looked harmless.  Had to get closer!

Only now, after a bit research, if this is one of the pit vipers vs. non-venonmous serpents, then call me crazy.  (By the way, that pink fishing lure is about 3″ long.)  FYI, for you hikers and outdoors curiosity seekers:



Townsend-2588_180r Townsend-2591-180r Townsend-2593_180r


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2 Responses to A Snake. A Copperhead? #1

  1. I’ve learned that now, so that meant I could have crept up even closer! Ha!

  2. Nope, not a Copperhead….look at the last photo you have posted, you can see the “round” black dot in it’s eye. All venomous snakes have the small slit “cat-like eyes”

    I hate a snake of any kind, you were much more braver than me taking the photos.

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