Variations on HDR

While drivers and cars were on a break between race sets at the Farmington Dragway this past weekend, I noticed this tractor wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Wanting to play with HDR imaging again, I grabbed some sequences from different angles, got home and played with details and toning variations.

Farmington-6549_50_51_52_53_enhancer_180r Farmington-6566_67_68_69_70_71_fused_180r Farmington-6561_2_3_4_5_fused_tonemapped_180r Farmington-6549_50_51_52_53_painterly_180r Farmington-6561_2_3_4_5_fused_180r Farmington-6549_50_51_52_53_grunge_180r Farmington-6566_67_68_69_70_71_enhancer_180r


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4 Responses to Variations on HDR

  1. Cornel A. says:

    I like the first two photos. 🙂
    For some reasons I am not a big fan of HDR photos.

  2. MOM says:

    You find art in everything and anything. Enjoy all your photos.

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