Daisies in the Rockies

From a Colorado vacation several years ago, here’s a B&W film negative that I recently scanned and retouched.


In the retouched image, the spots and scratches have been removed, the sharpness and contrast adjusted along with additional light/dark overlay in specific areas.


The original negative revealed many spots and scratches. (FYI, that’s not a black and white frame; it’s simply the negative surrounded by empty space inside the scanner.)


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2 Responses to Daisies in the Rockies

  1. Me to, to all of the above, Mary. Finally getting to the coast (east) soon; can’t wait for that ocean roar, salt air, soft breeze, long walks, ah-h-h-h!!! Many thanks for liking this one. Take care.

  2. Nice calm photo. Beautiful black and white.
    I really love to see calming photos, because I am usually walking around in a controlled state of panic. πŸ˜‰ Wish I was there, sitting by the water………..

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