Armadillo Bug…

… aka Pillbug – Yes, it sounds rather gross, but here are some little known facts about this creature:

1) Pillbugs are crustaceans, not insects – they’re more closely related to shrimp and crayfish.  2) Pillbugs breathe through gills.  3) A juvenile pillbug molts in two sections.   4) Pillbug mothers carry their eggs in a pouch.  5) Pillbugs curl into tight balls when threatened.  6) A pillbug’s blood is blue.



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2 Responses to Armadillo Bug…

  1. Full scientific name is Armadillidiidae. But who can say that?!

  2. My mom told us this bug was a “roly poly” because it rolls up in a ball when you pick it up.
    All the kids loved them.

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