Winter Playground for the Elk

As close as I’ve ever been to elk, about 8 of them were just off Route 34 and Lake Granby.


How about the Continental Divide for a back yard?

colorado-1412_180r colorado-1409_180r


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One Response to Winter Playground for the Elk

  1. Lisa Bankston says:

    Wish you had been there when the big buck/bull elk came walking throughour property. He made a stop right at the campfire site & looked directly at me (of course I was saying OMG “elkie, elkie, over here” )- I have a pic & will try and post, but…by the time I got my camera he was near trees and gets hidden. I wanted YOU to be there.Sent you a message – off your FB wall about wanting prints. I’m send you some $$$ for prints. & a note on which ones. Can you mail either Overall View or Nice Back Yard or Purple Mt Majesty to Randi for the new bedroom.She will frame & any of them would be PERFECT with the new color in there. Plus her birthday is April 7th. Love You – See you in October & let us know about the new parttime job. PS: I’m going to get a new camera today – mine broke

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