Quilting – The Devil is in the Details

A quilt doesn’t necessarily have to cover a bed anymore…

A very good friend of mine is a quilting and fiber arts enthusiast/hobbyist, and she leases studio space at Studio 107, in Martinsville, VA.  This past weekend, I drove up to their open house to see her latest accomplishments, get some ideas for Christmas gifts (and yes, there were a few buys), and possibly take some photos around town.  After taking the studio tour and meeting several of her fellow artists, we ventured over to the Piedmont Arts building to view the magnificent quilt-works by members of the Virginia Foothills Quilters Guild.  (Coincidentally, the Studio 107 group is currently presenting some of their artwork at the Memorial Hospital.)

Here are a few quilts from the following artists: Tone Haugen-Cogburn, Judy W. Loope, Betty Blessin, and Judy Poindexter.


“John’s Banjo”, by Tone Haugen-Cogburn


“The Blue Crew Drops in for Breakfast”, by Judy W. Loope


by Betty Blessin. I don’t know what it’s called; I just want it. It’s located in her studio now, but it may not be for long!!


“Pink Poppy Patch”, by Judy Poindexter


“Porky Pines Face-off”, by Betty Blessin


sewing details with swirls and curlicues everywhere!


more close-up details


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2 Responses to Quilting – The Devil is in the Details

  1. Reblogged this on Imranahmedjafri and commented:
    Great Post…

  2. Pete and Joan Diestel says:

    Which quilt is our Christmas present? Ha Ha! They are gorgeous. What do you want for Xmas??? Am at a loss for ideas for most of my family. HELP!!!

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