Medford, OR

The city of Medford, Oregon as the snows blow in from the West.

Frosty mountain tops

Canon 30D and a Sigma 500mm lens


About Laurie Merritt Photography

Owner: Laurie Merritt Photography
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2 Responses to Medford, OR

  1. That’ so pretty! I just found out that I might be moving to Beaverton, Oregon, dependent on my boyfriend’s job…neither of us know anything about the state and have just started looking up info. I have no idea if this is near where we would be, but it’s so pretty, that I will share it with him!

    • Oh my gosh, Karen, where are you moving from? I promise and guarantee you will love this state! I’ve got plenty of Oregon photos throughout my blog, but like you said, it won’t take much more research on your end. What you see in any of the pictures (wherever you look), they’re as real as can be. Safe journey.

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