Winding down the Rogue Series

Last day on the river – Day 3 – October 21

Hard to beat seeing the bear this morning, but it only added to the savory sensory overload experienced on this trip.

Before closing camp and packing up the rafts, a few more scenes along the hiking trail:

Callie/Nancy – daughter/mother – best friends

Creek along the Rogue River Trail leading to the river.

Gnarly tree, foggy mountains

A duo of legendary pumpkins

We floated down the river for about 3 hours before taking out –  call it perfect timing or fate – as we loaded up the trailers and vans, it began to rain.  Then, as we enjoyed a warm, comforting 2-hour drive back to the outfitter’s location, snow fell in the higher elevations!  A fitting way to end the trip – winter had arrived.

More rich, sunny, autumn colors

Cracked “mountain view”; could be an idea for my future logo!

Ruby, Ote, Regan and Nancy, and Ry in the forefront – the last bend of whitewater.

Winding down…

A little more sunshine, calmer waters, but storm clouds ahead.

Talk about “boney”, thankfully we didn’t have to take this offshoot off the main river.

It’s going to be hard to leave…


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