Black Bear – Rogue Wild and Scenic (4)

Day 3 – October 21

Throughout the first two days of our river adventure, we saw deer, soaring osprey and eagles, the herons along the banks, and a few salmon jumping the falls upstream.   The hot coffee, fat breakfast and invigorating hike were a great start to our final day.  But, it was just the beginning…

This morning offered up THE pièce de résistance – a foraging black bear on the opposite bank.  On a lone hike she took earlier, Joanne sat and watched two of them, so you can imagine how jealous and envious the rest of us felt.  But, dreams really can come true…

He returned, coming toward us for a several minutes and then turned around and headed back out of sight; I just kept shooting….


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One Response to Black Bear – Rogue Wild and Scenic (4)

  1. MOM says:

    You are now a professional photographer!!!Loved all your pictures and especially the bear pics. Also dad’s Santa carving will make a great Christmas card. GREAT idea.

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