Going Rogue! The Rogue National Wild and Scenic (3)

Day 2 – October 20

Yay!  At mid-morning, the sun came out to play for awhile and a few of the daredevils decided that a jump into the chilly waters was the order of the day.

B O N S A I ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Just meandering along for a good stretch.  We’d occasionally hit such low waters (aka “riffles”) that the bottoms of the rafts dragged along the sand and stones just under the water, but nothing serious.  Had some time to capture some more scenery along the way.

Very still water begged for this photo op.

Love seeing the ripples; but they’re actually called riffles.

Regan, Ote and Nancy coming from behind.

Left or right????



Other folks taking a break.

Getting ready to head into a narrow stretch of the river known as Hellgate Canyon.  We got squeezed so tightly several times that the oarsmen had to get the oars up and in the rafts while the rest of us made sure we didn’t bang our heads on the giant rock walls.


Entering Hellgate Canyon

After doing some post-trip research, it appears these Rogue River pumpkins are a classic legend; they were everywhere, and I mean everywhere!  At first, we couldn’t imagine what was going on other than some Halloween jokester kayaker was strategically placing them in impossible locations and heights.

What person gets out of his boat to place little pumpkins up and down 40 miles of the river in locations such as this?

Good pals schmoozing for the camera.

James, Brody, Callie – way much fun!

Easily, at the very least, the 50th pumpkin we saw along the way.

It was a somewhat longer but extremely rewarding ride this day.  A full day’s mix of warm, sunny, chilly, cloudy weather  – add to that all types of water levels and flow!!  So, after a few more twists and turns, we geared up for another night with another fat dinner of pasta and goodies, libations, and yes, even s’mores!!

Marley, Jacob, John, Patrick – looking back from whence they came and where we would take out at day’s end.

Everyone still accounted for.

Some more narrow waters.

Yet another curve… almost there… yeah, that’s what you said at the last curve!


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