Going Rogue! The Rogue National Wild and Scenic (2)

An early damp and foggy rise and shine – Morning of Day 2 – October 20

What looked like enough food and drink for an army last night was ravaged!!  No one went hungry!  Heard the sound of the an occasional slow, soothing rainfall on the tent throughout the night; hadn’t experienced that in quite awhile  – so relaxing, so peaceful, so-o-o-o…  z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z…

The forest through the trees

Great footwear for the river, but these never EVER dried out during the trip! I also found that thick socks, even though perpetually soaked, were better than none at all.

Early risers Ryan, Ruby and Brody minding the warm fire and watching the clothes dry on a perfectly rigged clothesline.

Put the inside-out rain gear on a stick, balanced it on a rock and let the wind dry it out. Both rocks were great wind buffers for the tents however.

A small metal dry box for the camera and two lenses. Looks rough around the edges, but it worked!

Another section of waterfront property for our tent city.

Getting bored watching clothes dry, Ry??

Coffee served, a breakfast table coming to life, and packing up for the next 15- to 20-mile run.

Fog’s lifting as we prepare to ride…


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