Frosty summer morning

Upstate in the Adirondacks on a small Lake Champlain beach with a Fuji IS Pro infrared camera, then, in post-edit, converting the normally red tones of the Peca 914 filter to this B&W image.  I just love it when infrared turns the trees white; it becomes winter!


About Laurie Merritt Photography

Owner: Laurie Merritt Photography
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2 Responses to Frosty summer morning

  1. Pete and Joan Diestel says:

    Loved seeing the beach with that winter look. You are constantly amazing me with all you are doing with your camera. Look forward to each of you newest pictures. Keep them coming. Love, you

  2. writecrites says:

    Beautiful shot, Laurie. I love infrared, too, but have never been able to convert my images to infrared satisfactorily in post processing. Guess I’ll have to break down and buy an infrared camera.

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