Lumen print – this time last year

This time last year, most of the Biocommunications students’ efforts were devoted to creating and publishing our book and 2012 calendar, “The Lumen Project” for our Creative Problem Solving class at Randolph Community College.  Having said that, so much time was spent on the book in order to get it published in time for Christmas and before school break, I just recently discovered I neglected to post my individual image!

The process of making a lumen print is quite unusual and so much fun!  Grab any kinds of green leaves (the more chlorophyll, the better), place them on top of old, unexposed B&W photo paper and under a piece of glass that is at least the same size as the paper, let it sit for awhile under the sun (up to hours if you wish), shake the leaves off the paper, quickly place the paper into a paper safe in order to stop it from being exposed even further, then scan it, play with it in Photoshop, and voila!!

After the holidays, a few of the final images were chosen by RCC staff to be enlarged and mounted on the walls in RCC’s library lobby!  Mine is second from the left.  Woo-hoo!

Original lumen scan

Adding touch-ups using Photoshop

So all can see!! – RCC’s library lobby


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  1. writecrites says:

    Beautiful. I must try this.

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