Venus orbits in front of Sun

Back on June 5, star-gazers everywhere had a chance to see the little black dot of Venus orbit in front of the Sun.  It was extremely cloudy that afternoon and I didn’t really expect to get much, but I also knew this opportunity couldn’t slip by.  I took the chance and set up tripod, camera and an old 500mm 5.6 Sigma fixed lens.  There are a lot of tall trees in our yard and neighborhood, so didn’t have much sky space advantage.  The clouds broke every now and then and I just kept clicking as the sun was quickly dropping behind the treeline.

As originally shot, the images looked pretty cruddy.  Over these past few months, I just kept coming back to them thinking I should try something… anything… to have them look a bit better and/or dramatic.  So, here are some results.

paintbucket tool, artistic filters – the dark clouds have turned into the dark universe with stars

color overlays and toning


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