Water motion and reflections

These images were taken from two separate locations while hiking around Lake Higgins. The colors were perfect but the reflection on still water was rather boring.  I was waiting for some ducks or geese to fly in – any activity – but no luck.  When  the wind blew across the water, it changed the perspective.   The slow movement of the  waves produced this feathery and painted look over the water.

Later, I spotted some low-lying shrubs with red leaves and berries, and another “painting” was created!  Admittedly, once I enlarged these photos on the computer, I did think about taking up painting (still keeping that thought in the back of my mind).


About Laurie Merritt Photography

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2 Responses to Water motion and reflections

  1. writecrites says:

    Beautiful. I am always drawn in by water reflections.

  2. tibornak says:

    The second one is fabulous!

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