August Moons

From August 2 through the 5th, we lucked up seeing a moonrise each night.  During the first couple of night, some clouds got in the way, but it made for some nice images.

Moonrise over the Ausable River in Keeseville, NY

A second shot of “cloudlight”

The flag in the moonlight over Lake Champlain with Camel’s Hump peak on the Vermont side


About Laurie Merritt Photography

Owner: Laurie Merritt Photography
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2 Responses to August Moons

  1. MOM says:

    Oh Laurie, those pictures are just beautiful . More so because I was with you when you took them. You are the best photographer I’ve ever met. Just because you are our daughter doesn’t mean that I’m prejudiced.

  2. Nice photos…and I remember the song well.

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