Misty morning dew

… strolling around Hagan-Stone Park during a light rain and then pulling out the poncho to get down in the dirt.  You know, in this first shot, all I was looking at was the web, its shape and the dew drops.  I hadn’t noticed the spider until doing some post-editing.  What a happy coincidence!

Re: the second image, I just wanted to try something different, so turned it to B&W and played with color channels.

Last but not least, if you look carefully, you’ll see why I call this 3rd image “some strings attached”!


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3 Responses to Misty morning dew

  1. Charita Hill says:

    Love them! Kinda reminds me when you and Glenda and I ran around in New York City in the rain which turned to snow…

  2. All 3 are good, but the 3rd one is the best.

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