Merlefest 25 – Music, Moments, Memories – Part 2, Saturday, April 28

(To see the larger-view slide show, just single-click on any one image below)

… and so the festivities resumed all day Saturday with some repeat performers as well as new lineups, no one more or less astounding than the last.  One regret – I was a lightweight Friday night and missed Los Lobos, who are one of my all-time most favorites (will likely kick myself on that bad choice for a long time).  After trekking over to the interview tent to watch several musicians’ interviews and planning for a not-to-be-missed 8pm interview, I wandered and listened to music coming from everywhere.   There would be no leaving early this night.

My radar antennae led me toAppalachian mountain music of Johnson’s Crossroad (based in Asheville, NC); Carl Miner and Kym Warner of The Greencards who worked magic with the guitar, mandolin and mandola (this is to the mandolin what the viola is to the violin); preserving and promoting the Creole culture, the get-up-and-dance Zydeco songs of Jeffrey Broussard & the Creole Cowboys; and from Winnepeg, Canada, siblings Sarah and Christian Dugas (former members of The Duhks).

Attending the Hillside Album Hour that afternoon convinced me to never again miss this particular event.  FYI, hosted by the Waybacks, the classis album is not known to the public until the music begins – imagine this – Jimi Hendrix!!  These musicians stripped down, turned around and made his music their music, and the hillside shook (guest musicians are listed in the photos).  Susan Tedeschi snuck in and nailed “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire”.

Some down time, dinnertime after that, got to the interview tent at 7:40 for the Susan/Derek interview and recorded video/audio off the Canon 5DMarkII for 10 minutes before the “card full” light went on.  It just didn’t matter; they had my full attention for an additional 10 minutes.  When asked if there was one last question, I spoke up and asked Derek how Eric Clapton tapped him for his tour a few years ago.  The tale was funny and wonderful, and I hope to receive another interviewer’s audio soon which includes my Q&A.  This was truly a fine experience; both were so open to questions and sharing about the ride they’ve been on.  

Later that night, the 11-member Tedeschi Trucks Band hit the Watson stage.  At this point, I took more daring liberties with the media pass and inched up to the front, looking more like a duck in a shooting gallery than a photographer, but I got the shots I hoped for.  Am still working on the video (have only touched the tip of the iceberg learning multimedia techniques); however, as with my first Merlefest post, here are some images I hope you’ll enjoy.


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2 Responses to Merlefest 25 – Music, Moments, Memories – Part 2, Saturday, April 28

  1. Lovely images! I have always wanted to attend Merlefest, It looks fun!

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