Green Snake and Green Bamboo Composite

We learned to work with masking and compositing in our Digital Imaging class, and though I’ve been away from it for awhile, I decided it was time to return and test my skills.

I had always heard and read a lot about The Natural Science Center.  I even hike through Guilford Courthouse and Battleground Parks and walk by the Center all the time, but never once ventured in inside.  It’s a wonderful place to visit, and the reptile center didn’t disappoint.

But, before posting the snake image on the blog, I really hated the tan background walls behind the snake and wanted to “replace” it with something that might have a better impact on the overall image.  A small bamboo grove grows in our back yard, so I took several shots of some cut-down poles and stacked them up on saw horses.

Then back inside to the computer to try and work some magic to make a composite image of both of my green subjects, and voila’!!



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One Response to Green Snake and Green Bamboo Composite

  1. Shutter Bug says:

    Well done, Laurie. I always loved green subjects. I wouldn’t have easily noticed that the last photo is a composite image had I not read your text. Thanks for sharing.

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