Conversations: the story behind a stop-action music video

Long story short, I finally signed up for Facebook (yeah, I really take my time before jumping on a bandwagon!), and this post is the very first one on my FB page.  And just coincidentally, it’s special because it culminates a wrap of 2-3 years of classroom lectures and lab work at Randolph Community College as I head into the first of two internships prior to our July graduation.

The project wouldn’t have left the ground, much less ended up as an awe-inspiring first-time jewel without the most generous help of my hysterically funny team mates, Brandi Hunt, Courtney Satterfield and Tim Jones.  The lovely music was composed by Matt Stutzman, a music director for the Durham Youth Orchestra.

-4 second-year biocommunications students enrolled in the Photographic Technology curriculum at RCC who chose not to use live musicians for a music video
-A story board that begins with only a sunrise and a spider web in mind
-Line up an incredibly talented musician who refuses to be in the video and willingly cater to our requests for edits of his music
-Completely reign over one of the school’s studios for 2 weeks/50+ hours shooting a stop-action video for the very first time using Dragon Frame software, at 8fps, ending with 5,000+ images
-Cut shapes and create scenes using all kinds of material, obtain miniature toys from various stores including spiders, lady bugs, frogs, fish, birds, butterflies, crickets, centipedes, bees, dragonflies, worms, ants, as well as raiding a fishing tackle box
-Include pipe-cleaners, embroidery thread, an iron, a hot glue gun, scissors, single- and double-sided scotch tape
-A light table, 1 spot light, Canon camera and lens

-Plaster “Do Not Move” signs around the set, as the penalty for doing so will be hasty and severe
-Fine-tune image sequences, keeping in mind all along that it must sync with the music, post-edit using Final Cut and find best way to export
-Must be willing to work overtime, must be willing to laugh often, exchange ideas and scenes on anyone’s given whim, take liberties with a scene if other members of the team happen to not be around at the moment, and let it roll…

Something that produced an incredible sense of pride and joy.  We surely enjoyed the ride and hope that you do too!

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One Response to Conversations: the story behind a stop-action music video

  1. Mom DId you actually take that picture of the hawk. How did you get that close a shot? says:

    That is incredible. Can’t imagine how you photo’d all that. Dad is taking a nap now but will show it to him the best I can by describing what you did when he gets up. YOu can explain more to us in a few days. Can’t wait!!!

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