Macro World 101

A new semester opens a new world, and we’re quickly learning new and totally different concepts as applied to macro photography (i.e. move the camera and not the lens (that’s a toughy right there); it’s not simply a close-up, but rather 1:1 life-size; add an optional bellows or extension tube; but with that, must add plenty of light and nothing better move; stacking vs. bracketing (sounds alike, they relate to multiple images, but the terms are mutually exclusive; was the image shot 2x vs. 1:2; the list goes on).

For the first assignment, each of these images were shot with a Canon 5D and a 100mm macro lens at a 1:1 ratio in the RCC studio.  Will concentrate on maximizing depth of field next time.  Needless to say, the floodgates have opened!!

Glass bulbs…

ISO 1250, 1/13 @ F10, one hot light

ISO 1250, 1/30 @ F2.8, hot lights

Beach trinkets…

ISO 1250, 1/100 @ F5, 2 side hot lamps

ISO 1250, 1/100 @ F5.6, bottom table lamp only, red fill card for color

ISO 1250, 1/100 @ F5.6, side hot light


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One Response to Macro World 101

  1. It seems you are wrapping your hands and head around it nicely.

    Great shots Laurie

    Send me an e-mail to if you don’t mind please.

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