Oregon Landscapes

Here is a rather quick journey through some favorite places in this magnificent state… Like the outdoors?  Like rocks?  Like waterfalls?  Like mountains and snow?  Like parks and boating?  Ooh-la-la!

A couple of mighty and spectacularly textured rocks on the beach just outside Brookings, Oregon.

The drive along the Columbia River is impressive, but a stop at Multnomah Falls is a must; take a break and take a hike!

At the misty base of Multnomah Falls

Hiking around the Timberline Lodge and ski area at Mt. Hood, Oregon

A more colorful way to go boating along the Willamette River in downtown Portland, Oregon.

From the Portland Japanese Garden

More from the Portland Japanese Garden; I don't know the name of this tree, but loved the bark design!


About Laurie Merritt Photography

Owner: Laurie Merritt Photography
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4 Responses to Oregon Landscapes

  1. The colors and natural patterns on the rock are amazing. Wow, beautiful captures, Laurie!

  2. katherine says:

    gah! EB, these images are gorgeous!! want to let me steal some of those first few for printing??? =)

  3. laurie these are so neat…the slate is amazing!

  4. You go girl….Awesome set of photos.

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