Amazonia Brazil

Moving on to our second, weekly post, I chose to grab a few photos from an Amazon River cruise my sister and I took a couple of years ago.  It was a 2-week cruise, and after that, we took an additional few days off to stay at this amazing hotel, the Ariau Amazon Towers on the Rio Negro.  It’s built above the flood waters as well as the forest canopy – amazing place!

Part of the Ariau Amazon Towers

Land Ho???? The rising waters of the Rio Negro and a giant storm cloud dwarf this tree.

A typical Amazon rain tapping on the giant lily pads

The iguanas are an often-seen sight on the rivers

Outside the city limis of Manaus, Brazil on the Amazon River

Heading home after selling goods in Manaus

Who is the artist and where can I see more? I chose this for my blog site banner!


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  1. Mary Ann Pittman says:

    Very interesting

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