Royal Red

…several more images of the Royal Walnut Moth from various angles…

part tarantula?  check out those mandibles-part “Predator”?  part “Mothman“?

creatures-3994_900 creatures-4000_900 creatures-4002_900 creatures-4004_900 creatures-4001_900 creatures-3991_900 creatures-4007_900

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About Laurie Merritt Photography

Hello visitors, and thank-you so much for stopping by! Classes are over, back-to-back internships completed, and I anticipate having my Photographic Technology degree in my hands this May!! Over the past 2-3 years, your responses to my posts have indeed helped sustain my passion for my photography. My only hope is that these images have improved and that they reflect the lessons learned in school. I certainly feel they have, but your “likes” and “comments” continue to confirm it. Again, I appreciate your taking a peek. Deep thanks from a grateful photographer.
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One Response to Royal Red

  1. I have never seen or heard of this kind of moth before.
    It’s beautiful!!

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